(online learning platform)
Contact Becky White bwhite@bestyoutubefunnyvideos.com国产偷拍视频 for assistance.

(student information portal)
Contact Karen Mayville kmayville@bestyoutubefunnyvideos.com for assistance.

For all other IT needs please visit the IT Help Desk webpage.

Student Services Requirements for Online Students

国产偷拍视频Once you have been accepted you will need to complete forms for our Student Services Department.

Please visit our Student Services Requirements国产偷拍视频 page to complete this information.

Financial Aid Information

Next, you will need to contact the Financial Aid office to complete the appropriate financial aid forms and talk with our Financial Aid Coordinator, Erin McHargue at 1-800-877-9140, ext. 6993.
国产偷拍视频 Click here for more information about .

国产偷拍视频FAFSA School Code 0064214

Academic Advising

To register for classes you will use your Academic Advisors.
For HIM, you will work with Kim Erskine, MSN, RN, Academic Advisor.
She is available by email kerksine@bestyoutubefunnyvideos.com or by phone at 1-800-877-9140 Ext. 6911

For RN-BSN, you will work with Becky White, MSN, RN, Coordinator of the RN-BSN Program.
She is available by email bwhite@bestyoutubefunnyvideos.com or by phone at 1-800-877-9140 Ext. 6986

For MSN program you will work with Erica Alexander, PhD, RN, CNE, Associate Professor & Master's Program Coordinator.
She is available by email ealexander@bestyoutubefunnyvideos.com or by phone at 1-800-877-9140 Ext. 6956

Course Materials and Text Books

To order course materials and text books please visit our  page.
国产偷拍视频 *Please have books and course materials prior to the first day of class.*

Respondus Monitor for Testing

As part of your online program, you will be required to use Respondus Monitor to take online tests and quizzes.  There are certain computer requirements to use this tool. You will be required to have a computer with a webcam and internet access.  Please reference the Respondus Requirement Sheet.

Additional Resources

国产偷拍视频An important part of online learning is making sure you have the tools and skills you need to be successful! Below are links that give quick tutorials that may boost your skills and abilities navigating online courses:

  • Learn Computer Basics Tutorial for Beginners - Part 1
    • (40 min) Topics covered include:  difference between desktop/laptop, mouse, windows, Word, dialogue boxes, scroll bars, menu bar, task bar
  • Learn Computer Basics Tutorial for Beginners - Part 2 
    • (52 min) Topics covered include:  files, folders, drives, file extensions, how to copy and paste
  • Internet Basics for Beginners 
    • (42 min) Topics covered include:  browsers, search bar, favorites, tabbed browsing, web addresses
  • Microsoft Office Basics 
    • (42 min) Reviews changes with Microsoft Office 2010 version; Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Below is a list of additional resources that will assist you once you have begun your courses.

Learning Resource Center (assistance with paper writing)

Blessing Health Professions Library


HIM Students:


  • PC/laptop camera
  • 1Ghz Intel or AMD processor (minimum)
  •  2GB of RAM (minimum)
  • The Lab is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Otherwise you may experience clipping or pixilated content
  • USB ports
  • Firewall (Connecting to the lab requires that you have port 443 open. Please see your network administrator for assistance.


  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10 are supported, as well as Mac OS, but each VLab program has different compatibility requirements (specific system information is provided to all users through application FAQs and Getting Started activites)
    • Broadband High Speed Internet Access, Cable or DSL
  • Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome are supported
    • Again, each program has different compatibilities. Some are universal while some will only work with specific browser versions; this information is provided to all users through application FAQs and Getting Started activites.
  •  installed and browser-enabled
  •  (required for the Argo/MEDITECH portal)
  • Tableau Desktop (required to use the Tableau application, download via link in VLab Academy and follow instructions to get free access)

RN-BSN and MSN Students:


  • PC/laptop camera

国产偷拍视频Operating System:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or above.
  • Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion", or above (Not officially supported).

Web Browsers:

  • Google Chrome, newest version (Recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, or above.
  • Mozilla Firefox 31, or above.
  • Browsers settings should be configured to allow popups, JavaScript, and Cookies when accessing the Blackboard and CAMS portals.

Other Recommended software:

  • Microsoft Word 2010 or newer, Adobe Acrobat Reader

国产偷拍视频To test your computer and ensure you have the optimal standards to successfully access all of the online portals please click here: